‘He was the banisher of shadows. How am I supposed to banish the shadows without him?’

Rachel has just lost her hero, her uncle Neil who has died unexpectedly in a tragic incident. He was a larger-than-life character, a ‘daredevil in aviator sunglasses speeding on a red motorbike.’ In the wake of his death she becomes reclusive, struggling to leave the house. To make sense of her loss she must travel back in time and revisit the magical stories her uncle told her as a child. She will encounter Eskimos, Ancient Egyptian mummies, rock stars, flying motorbikes, hang-gliders and a brave explorer battling against all the odds. But in the course of her journey she encounters a wolf - a terrible monster that might in fact be real. Based on the performer’s own experiences, this solo show is a candid, dark and often humorous exploration of mental illness, grief and love.  If you’ve ever struggled to get out of bed in the morning, or lost someone you loved, this show is for you.

Wolf Tamer is a 50 minute one woman show written and performed by Rachel Mae Brady.


Our Mission

Our mission is to break down stigma surrounding mental illness through theatre. It is vital that we tell the stories of people who are struggling with mental illness-so often isolated, or forgotten about- as this helps others to understand what they are going through.  Telling the true stories of people who are experiencing or have experienced mental illness enables us to reach out to audience members undergoing comparable issues, who may have until now been suffering alone. Additionally, Wolf Tamer will spread awareness about agoraphobia, depression, addiction and the effects of grief.

We will stage our first performance of Wolf Tamer in Oxford next year,  accompanied by a post-show discussion led by a representative from 'Restore' about issues explored in the show. We then aim to take the show on a UK Tour. We are currently seeking donations to help us achieve our goal.